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IRA State Reports from ESPB Content Experts

IR Addendum August 2015

Prepared for the
Board of Examiners
National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education

Submitted to NCATE

August 12, 2015

IRA TLC Rubric Analysis

IRA TLC Data viewed with Multiple Assessments

IRA Transition Points

IRA Excerpt from Teacher Education Handbook

IRA Disposition Individual Data

IRA Disposition Data for Program

IRA Disposition Process

IRA Reflection on Growth over time

IRA Formative and Summative Portfolio Process

IRA State Reports from ESPB Content Experts

IRA Examples of Disaggregated Data

Changes since 2008

2015 Unit Report_Initial Program Data

2015 Advanced Program Data Sharing

2015 Feedback from Assessment Sharing Session

IRA Senior Portfolio Examples

IRA TLC Template Examples

IRA Field Experience Data

IRA Disaggregated Technology Data

IRA Technology Survey Data

IRA Library & Information Technologies Field Experience

IRA LIT Field Experiences List

IRA ALA_AASL Standards and Rubrics

IRA VCSU Communication to Cooperating School

IRA Cooperating School Agreement

IRA Partnerships for Substitute Teaching

IRA Collaboration with Parents

IRA EDUC 657 Diversity Practicum Proposal Form

IRA Changes in Student Teacher Data

IRA Co-Teaching Data

IRA Co-Teacher Workshop Evals

IRA Collaborative Development of Assessment Course

Standard 6 - 2013 Teaching Loads

Standard 6 - 2014 Teaching Loads

Standard 6 - 2015 Teaching Loads

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